Who we are

Legends is a dynamic business-oriented, oil trading company. Our business portfolio covers activities ranging from cargo trading to the supply of bunker fuels, and other services of crucial importance to the shipping industry at competitive prices.

We identify needs of our clients and make them to come to life by our experience, flexibility and hard work. We treat our clients with respect at all times by providing reliable and cost efficient service. The Company trading as a physical supply of bunkers at Fujairah, Sharjah, Kalba and Khorfakkan.

It is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.


Legends was established in Dubai, UAE as part of oil and shipping group specialise in oil and oil products trade with initial purpose to support, due to our excessive knowledge of local and international market, the growing demand of oil trading and bunkering in the region. Ιt's high skilled and proficient team, with solid knowledge and presence in the area about 20 years aspires to offer high level support to its clients.


We believe that success comes from cooperation. We put all our company resources, experience and knowledge at the service of our clients.
By cooperating with our clients, suppliers, traders and employees, we focus our expertise on providing the most suitable, valued and competitive oil products in the interest of all parties.


We, people of Legends, are guided by the following values, which they describe our company as we want to be. We want our decisions and actions to demonstrate these values. We believe that putting our values into practice creates long-term benefits for clients, employees, suppliers, traders and the industry we serve.
We work efficiently.
We act with urgency and integrity.
We are accountant for our actions and inactions.
We strive to exceed expectations of our clients, in affordability, quality and on-time delivery.


The safety of human life and the protection of the environment are primary concerns to Legends. We are committed to environmental excellence and dedicated to protection of the environment and to the prevention of pollution. Our objective is to provide our clients with an incident free service.
With two physical marine fuel supply areas in Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman the team at Legends has grown their know-how and expertise within the bunker industry tremendously over the years.
Our vision for environmental excellence, energy consumption and safe transportation of oil is reflected by the wider “Green” culture entrenched in Legends working practices, ensure a cost-effective and environmentally friendly provision of services to our clients.