Legends provides due diligence on all aspects of the transactions to ensure deal is fair and accurate.

It is possible for our custmers to take advantage of exclusive services around the world, thanks to the experience and reliability of our company.

Oil Trading

Company’s trading division is specialized in the purchase and sale of Fuel Oil, Gas Oil. Legends is full of pride of its worldwide relationship which enables it to move oil almost anywhere but mainly East of Suez. There are close relationships with major oil suppliers in the region of Arabian Gulf and Indian subcontinent, to such extent, as the company to be able to optimize both sourcing and sales quantities.
Main objective of our trade team is to maintain high standards of performance and reliability thereby serving our esteemed clients. We target deals of best grade, at the right time, at competitive price.


Our skilled professionals provide round the clock reliable service, whenever and wherever you need us. We are major player in delivering fuel oil and marine gas oil in ports and anchorages of Fujairah, Sharjah, Kalba and Khorfakkan at competitive prices and tested quality according to ISO specifications. It is of our utmost commitment of using finest products, for ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of supplied oil, since quality of bunkers has directly impact on ship’s commecia exploitation and affects final voyage results.
We can assure our clients that they receive decent product, rapid and proficient service without financial surprises.


Slop Disposal

We operate barges and trucks used for collecting maritime and offshore waste such as fuel oil residues, sludge, used engine oil and bilge-water, and cargo related waste like mineral oil and chemical tank washings. Our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability is passionate, but our vision of Corporate Social Responsibility doesn’t stop there. We believe in having a positive impact on everyone and society at large.